[Gluster-users] gfid mismatch on 3.3.0

s19n mailbox at s19n.net
Fri Aug 17 09:49:03 UTC 2012


 I am seeing the following on a gluster 3.3.0 setup (5x2 bricks
distributed replicated):

----- cut here -----
 [2012-08-17 07:52:21.011448] W [dht-common.c:416:dht_lookup_dir_cbk]
0-storage-dht: /index/it/201208/20120812/data: gfid different 
on storage-replicate-0
----- cut here -----

 Is it possible that the problem addressed at the page
is still appearing with 3.3.0? This is a new setup, not an upgraded one.

Thank you very much in advance for your attention,
Best regards

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