[Gluster-users] Gluster-users Digest, Vol 48, Issue 43

Gerald Brandt gbr at majentis.com
Mon Apr 30 16:21:35 UTC 2012


Unfortunately, my system is live and I'm not quite ready to trust it to a beta release.

I'll see if I can get a test system running.


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> >
> > You are having the exact same problem I am.  So far, no response
> > from anyone at Gluster/RedHat as to what is happening or if this
> > is a known issue.
> >
> Hi Gerald/Anthony,
> This issue is not easy to handle with 3.2.x version of gluster's NFS
> server. This issue is being addressed with 3.3.x branch (ie current
> master branch). Please try 3.3.0beta3+ or qa36+ for testing the
> behavior.
> This happens because NFS process works on FH (file handles), and for
> that we needed to keep a fd-ref till NFS client has reference to
> filehandle.
> With 3.3.0, we changed some of the internal way how we handle NFS
> FHs,
> so this problem should not happen in 3.3.0 release.
> Regards,
> Amar

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