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Gandalf Corvotempesta gandalf.corvotempesta at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 08:53:42 UTC 2012

2012/4/30 Brian Candler <B.Candler at pobox.com>

> KO or OK? With a RAID controller (or software RAID), the RAID subsystem
> should quietly mark the failed drive as unusable and redirect all
> operations
> to the working drive.  And you will have a way to detect this situation,
> e.g. /proc/mdstat for Linux software RAID.

As you wrote, in a raid environment, the controller will detect a failed
disk and redirect I/O to the working drive.

With no RAID, is gluster smart enough to detect a disk failure and redirect
all I/O to the other server?

A disk can have a damed cluster, so only a portion of itself will became
A raid controller is able to detect this, gluster will do the same or still
try to reply
with brokend data?

So,  do you suggest to use a RAID10 on each server?
- disk1+disk2 raid1
- disk3+disk4 raid1

raid0 over these raid1 and then replicate it with gluster?
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