[Gluster-users] Fwd: deleted files not giving space back

Rodrigo Severo rodrigo at fabricadeideias.com
Wed Apr 25 11:37:13 UTC 2012

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 8:03 AM, Gerald Brandt <gbr at majentis.com> wrote:

> Can anyone answer the question below?
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> Hi,
> I'm running 3.2.5 on Ubuntu 10.04.  I have a USB drive that stores
> rotating snapshots of our VM's, and I keep 2 days of snapshots on the drive.
> Every night a cron job runs and deletes the oldest snapshots off the
> drive.  After a few days, the gluster mount, and it's base drive, show 100%
> full.  If I go into the gluster mount, a du -sh shows the drive to be about
> 50% full.
> If I unmount the gluster mount, restart glusterd, and remount the gluster
> mount, everything goes back to normal.
> At first I tried to just unmount the gluster mount, and then unmount the
> physical drive.  I couldn't unmmount the physical drive, it was in use.  An
> lsof got me the attached file.  Each of the .xva files are files that were
> deleted.  An ls didn't show them on the disk, and a du didn't count their
> size.  Does anyone know why the files are still actively open?

I can't say why but I bet it has nothing to do with gluster. Try to look at
this issue as if there was no gluster involved.

I don't know what kind of application creates .xva files but does this
application really releases the files? How are you deleting them? What
user/application lsof says is hiding the files? Aren't you accessing the
files directly on the bricks somehow?

Rodrigo Severo
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