[Gluster-users] Setting up a 2 sites replication with access to files from both sites

François Legal devel at thom.fr.eu.org
Tue Apr 10 09:44:18 UTC 2012


Le 06-04-2012 20:41, Brian Candler a écrit : 

> On Fri, Apr 06,
2012 at 04:24:54PM +0200, François Legal wrote:
>> Anyway, I gave a
test drive on this, and seem to be having locking issues (users on both
side can modify the same file without anything preventing this). Can
anybody comment on this.
> That's just POSIX semantics. You could
even have two users on the same
> machine accessing the same file and
modifying it concurrently. If you want
> locks then (a) your application
has to ask for them, and (b) other
> applications must also respect them
[unless you're talking about mandatory
> locks, which are an unusual

Well, that kind of file sharing used to work great with samba
(talking about excel files shared via samba) on a single file system.

I was just wondering if I had made errors configuring the volumes. 
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