[Gluster-users] Setting up a 2 sites replication with access to files from both sites

François Legal devel at thom.fr.eu.org
Fri Apr 6 14:24:54 UTC 2012



This is my first post to the list. 

I have 2 distant sites
linked through a 10MBits MPLS. 

To improve user experience, we would
like to setup a replicated glusterfs on the 2 sites, such that a user on
site A would access the files from site A replicated server, and a user
on site B would access the files from site B replicated server. 

So I
was thinking of a dual server setup, each being client and server for
its site, so that read access to files would be fast, and write access
would be as fast as MPLS allows it to be. 

The files would then be
shared using samba to the users. 

In this situation, I don't know if I
should prefer client side AFR or server side AFR (I guess server side
AFR would make the files on both sites unavailable if MPLS fails).

Anyway, I gave a test drive on this, and seem to be having locking
issues (users on both side can modify the same file without anything
preventing this). 

Can anybody comment on this. 

Thanks in advance.

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