[Gluster-users] GlusterFS performance with small files.

David Whiteman davew at supanet.net.uk
Tue Apr 3 10:05:20 UTC 2012


I am currently looking into GlusterFS to use as a storage cluster for 
our email storage. I want to mount the storage from different servers 
(or VMs), services accessing the storage include exim, courier-imapd, 
courier-pop3d. Our emails are stored in MailDir format, which is many 
small files. I have read that GlusterFS doesn't perform very well with 
small files, is this still the case?

I would like to achieve similar (or better) performance to our current 
NFS setup, with the added redundancy that GlusterFS provides.

Is there any utilities I can use to test the performance?

Thanks in Advance

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