[Gluster-users] Adding bricks to enable distribute-replicate

Brian Smith brs at usf.edu
Thu Oct 27 15:50:38 UTC 2011

Hi, all,

I've searched through the archives and saw that this has come up before, 
but it was not clear what the best way was to accomplish this.  I'm 
currently on 3.2.3 and would like to convert a two-brick distribute 
volume to a four-brick disribute-replicate volume.  Would editing the 
vol file directly by encapsulating the bricks I want to replicate in the 
replicate translator, then encapsulating that in the distribute 
translator be the way to go, then ls -RA to trigger a self-heal ?  Is 
there a way to do this from the gluster console command?


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On 10/27/2011 02:00 AM, Mohammed Junaid wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
>   However, I've been trying to setup an extra swift proxy to offload some of
>> the CPU usage I've been experiencing in our tests and I can't really find a
>> way to do so.
>>   What's the correct way to proceed, with gluster's object-storage? Anyone
>> else has done it?
> To increase the proxy server count, edit the file
> "/etc/gluster-object/proxy-server.conf and add the line
>      workers =<count>
>>   Following Swift's documentation I get stuck at copying the ring files (do
>> they exist in gluster's object-storage?). Then I've thought I could simply
>> setup gluster object-storage in a proxy machine and somehow redirect the
>> requests from the proxy to the storage machine, but I'm failing miserably
>> that way as well.
> For using gluster object-storage, there is no need to generate the ring
> files. Please follow the gluster object-storage documentation to setup the
> machines.
> Thanks,
> Junaid
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