[Gluster-users] Gluster object-storage additional proxy

Daniel Pereira d.pereira at skillupjapan.co.jp
Thu Oct 27 07:19:38 UTC 2011

Hi Mohammed,

Thanks for your reply, comments follow inline.

On 10/27/11 3:00 PM, Mohammed Junaid wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
>     However, I've been trying to setup an extra swift proxy to offload
>     some of the CPU usage I've been experiencing in our tests and I
>     can't really find a way to do so.
>     What's the correct way to proceed, with gluster's object-storage?
>     Anyone else has done it?
> To increase the proxy server count, edit the file 
> "/etc/gluster-object/proxy-server.conf and add the line
> workers = <count>

Yes, I did that. However the CPU usage gets very high (100% for all 
cores) to have all the Gluster and Swift daemons running on the same 
machine. We want to separate the processes in the same manner it is 
already possible in Swift.

>     Following Swift's documentation I get stuck at copying the ring
>     files (do they exist in gluster's object-storage?). Then I've
>     thought I could simply setup gluster object-storage in a proxy
>     machine and somehow redirect the requests from the proxy to the
>     storage machine, but I'm failing miserably that way as well.
> For using gluster object-storage, there is no need to generate the 
> ring files. Please follow the gluster object-storage documentation to 
> setup the machines.

I read the documentation and there's no mention about separating the 
swift/object-storage servers in such way. I already have a working 
setup, I just need to add more proxies.
I could, of course, setup two sets of independent servers and somehow do 
a messy data sharding between the two servers, but it's simpler and 
cheaper to scale just the proxy servers as needed (this is almost 
standard procedure in Swift) since, from our measurements, they are the 

Moreover, I downloaded the latest UFO code from git, where it has some 
support for specifying external IP addresses for Accounting and Storage 
daemons, but I'm still failing somewhere at making it work. Requests do 
now get processed from an external proxy and forwarded to the correct 
auth server, but something seems to be failing in the process.


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