[Gluster-users] Gluster object-storage additional proxy

Daniel Pereira d.pereira at skillupjapan.co.jp
Wed Oct 26 05:28:24 UTC 2011

  Hi everyone,

  I've been testing the gluster object-storage and so far I'm pleased 
with it, good job!
  However, I've been trying to setup an extra swift proxy to offload 
some of the CPU usage I've been experiencing in our tests and I can't 
really find a way to do so.
  What's the correct way to proceed, with gluster's object-storage? 
Anyone else has done it?

  Following Swift's documentation I get stuck at copying the ring files 
(do they exist in gluster's object-storage?). Then I've thought I could 
simply setup gluster object-storage in a proxy machine and somehow 
redirect the requests from the proxy to the storage machine, but I'm 
failing miserably that way as well.

  Thanks in advance,

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