[Gluster-users] Confused about Geo Replication..

Venky Shankar venky at gluster.com
Tue Oct 25 11:06:40 UTC 2011

> I've been trying a few things out, it seems for geo-replication you need
> a third node. Or am I overlooking something?
The *third* node can be local i.e. on the same host where you invoke 
geo-replication or it could be a remote host. This host need not to be a 
part of the cluster i.e. it need not be peer probed etc., it's could 
just be standalone host or another cluster of nodes running GlusterFS. 
It should just be *reachable*.

> I would like to try to setup a A->B geo-replication setup. One node

Here "A" (master) has to be a Gluster volume and "B" (slave) can be a 
normal filesystem directory or even another Gluster volume.

> being replicated by a slave node.
> But if I try to create a replicated volume, glusterfs insists on at
> least two bricks.
> Or should I try creating a distributed gluster volume with just one brick?
For replicate you would need minimum 2 bricks. If you indent to use a 
single brick, you are better of with plain distribute.

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