[Gluster-users] Need help with optimizing GlusterFS for Apache

Robert Krig robert at bitcaster.de
Mon Oct 17 15:16:01 UTC 2011

Our webserver is configured as such:

The actual website files, php, html ,css and so on. Or on a dedicated
non-glusterfs ext4 partition.
However, the website access Videos and especially image files on a
gluster mounted directory.

The write performance for our backend gluster storage is not that
important. Since it only comes into play when someone uploads a video or
However, the files are being read from constantly and randomly.
Especially all the small image files which get read everytime someone
loads our website.

It is quite a busy site, with somewhere along the line of 500 apache
accesses per second during our busy hours.

I've been taking a look at performance.cache-size and translators. But
I'm not quite sure what the ideal settings would be.

Can anyone help me out with some settings to try out, based on
experience they've had?


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