[Gluster-users] IO error in gluterfs

Neetu Ojha neetuojha.cdac at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 09:48:32 UTC 2011


 I am using
 - glusterfs 3.2.2
 - stripe mode
 - rdma

I am trying to run one data intensive application and the application IO is
done with glusterfs. But application throws error code 30 for IO , and on
server side in /var/log/gluterfs/nfs.log  the following error found:

[2011-11-09 14:59:21.251450] E [iobuf.c:526:iobuf_ref]
[0x2aaaaad3ab02]))) 0-iobuf: invalid argument: iobuf

The same application when executed with nfs it has no such error but with
glusterfs error code 30 is flashed for IO.

Kindly help me to fix the problem.
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