[Gluster-users] replace-brick not working

Brian Pontz axehind007 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 8 18:20:57 UTC 2011

Just a FYI, I've been able to narrow this down to only happening on XFS and not on ext4. Obviously a bug in gluster.


From: Brian Pontz <axehind007 at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [Gluster-users] replace-brick not working


I'm still fairly new to using gluster. With that said, I'm trying to debug why my replace-brick operation is not working. It seems to hang.
What additional information do I need to provide for people to be able to help me? 

OS: CentOs 6.0 (x86-64)

Gluster: 3.2.4-1 Centos rpm from website
filesystem: XFS

Basically what happens is that the replace-brick command seems to hang.... 

gluster volume replace-brick GFS fs2:/gfs2 fs3:/gfs3 start
replace-brick started successfully

gluster volume replace-brick GFS fs2:/gfs2 fs3:/gfs3 status
Number of files migrated = 2       Current file= /LEVEL0.gemini.32034 

And thats what it continues to do. I've tried the webs rpms and I also created my own using the src.rpm and get the same issue.


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