[Gluster-users] Multiple glusterfsd instances on 1 server

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Mon May 23 13:45:43 UTC 2011

> Is it possible to have multiple deamons running on the same server?  I have
> 2 infiniband ports, and want to dedicate 1 glusterfs instance to each port.
>  I am maxing out the CPU on a single glusterfsd, pushing about 1.1GB/s over
> infiniband to my server.  But i know the disks are capable of doing about
> 2GB/s, so i think adding another glusterfsd instance will help.
> Are there any instructions or pointers for how to do this.  I figure bind
> each to different ports, which i did, but when i start up the 2nd deamon, it
> shuts the first one down.
> specifying (or altering/setting) infiniband port for a volume is not yet
present in CLI. But anyways, when you say "when i start up the 2nd deamon,
it shuts the first one down", can you please share the log messages in the
brick (glusterfsd) logs? That will help in debugging it further. (If you
find nothing there, try dmesg for some IB related errors if any).

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