[Gluster-users] [SPAM?] Non-uniform backend brick sizes

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Mon May 23 12:56:18 UTC 2011

Hi Dan,

We are in the process of enhancing our rebalance, but taking it one step a
time. Some replies inline.

Hi James, thanks for your suggestions.   I have used the rebalance command
> several times after adding new bricks, and I am pretty sure that it
> equalizes the amount of data stored on each brick rather than the amount of
> free space.  It would be useful to have an option to equalize free space
> instead - that would certainly solve the problem of non-uniform brick sizes.

> There used to be a server vol file option "min-free-disk", to leave space
> on bricks for files to grow.  That would solve my problem as well.  Do you
> know if this is available in 3.1.x or 3.2, or if there is a CLI command for
> setting it?
there is already a patch for this, http://patches.gluster.com/patch/6868/ which
should consider 'min-free-disk' option while rebalancing.  It will go in
upcoming releases, after which, this particular issue should be solved.

Also, about non-uniform backends: the note about keeping the 'uniform'
back-end is because we do our QA on uniform backends. Hence we would have
missed out some issues which would arise due to non-uniform backend-storage
size. Technically, inside glusterfs it should be agnostic to backend-size.
But in all productive deployment, we advise you to have uniform backends.

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