[Gluster-users] Problem with gluster 3.1

Jan Wynholds jwynholds at 510systems.com
Fri May 20 22:53:25 UTC 2011


We have a 8 node gluster setup here.  Some of the nodes were running
3.0.7 and 3.0.8.  One of the nodes has an xfs filesystem (which is the
only difference between the rest which are ext4).

On the xfs (that was also previously running 3.0.7 and 8), grows logs
at an alarming rate (gigs a day).

The logs are filled with errors such as:

[2011-05-20 15:10:46.630875] E [posix.c:438:posix_lookup]
0-store1-posix: lstat on [some folder] failed: No data available

After looking through the documentation, and traffic on the mailing
lists, I have come up empty on an explanation.

Any insight would be most appreciated.



Jan Wynholds
Systems Administrator
(707) 646 9177 (mobile)
(510) 704 0780 (main line)

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