[Gluster-users] gluster 3.2.0 - totally broken?

Burnash, James jburnash at knight.com
Wed May 18 15:09:42 UTC 2011

Based on my experiences so far, I would absolutely agree with you.

I know new releases are hard to produce at 100% coming out of the gate, so the fact that 3.2 is not all that robust is unsurprising to me. Hopefully the point releases improve this.

I would really like to see the known bugs in 3.1.4 fixed in a later point release in that branch.

I do agree slightly with Stephan (which is unusual) that features over stability seems to be the current direction for the project. The shame of that is that stability has got to be the #1 priority for any features to be useful. That said, 3.1.3 does seem pretty solid to me now, compared with 3.1.1 and with 3.0.4.

I disagree with Stephan about everything after 2.0.9 being "bogus". Just because the development direction does not correspond with a single individuals needs doesn't mean it's worthless or "totally broken" for others. The additional features for non-downtime changes to the storage nodes are very useful to us here - though more robust behavior and better documentation would be welcome.

Just my two cents

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>From reading this list, I wonder if this would be an accurate summary of the current state of Gluster:

3.1.3 - most dependable current version

3.1.4 - gained a few bugs

3.2.0 - not stable

So 3.1.3 would be suitable for production systems, as long as the known bug in mishandling Posix group permissions is worked around (by loosening permissions).

There has been a suggestion that stat-prefetch be turned off, and perhaps that other, non-default options are better not used.

Now, I'm not personally knowledgeable on any of this aside from the Posix group problem. Just asking for confirmation or not of the basic sense I'm getting from those with extensive experience that 3.1.3 is essentially dependable, while 3.1.4 is problematic, and 3.2.0 should perhaps only be used if you want to gain familiarity with the new geo-replication feature, but avoided for current production use.

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