[Gluster-users] Problem with distribute translator.

Lakshmipathi.G lakshmipathi at gluster.com
Wed May 18 12:36:55 UTC 2011

Hi -
>It sends all the data on machine 1 instead of sending the data to
machine1 and 2 both.

Use AFR(replicate) instead of distribute, if you want data on both machines.
For more check -

>I am using Glusterfs2.0.9 for fedora 12

2.0.9 is very old version. Please use 3.2.x.

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I am a newbie at GlusterFs.

I have a scenario of two machines, machine 1(client1 and server1) and
machine 2(server2).
I have client configuration file as having two bricks as server1 and

I have added the distribute translator to the client configuration file.
On seeing the disk usage it gives the correct output, but while putting
the data is does not distribute.
It sends all the data on machine 1 instead of sending the data to
machine1 and 2 both.

I am using Glusterfs2.0.9 for fedora 12

Please help, I am unable to track any issue.


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