[Gluster-users] adding new bricks for volume expansion with 3.0.x?

Fabricio Cannini fcannini at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 23:39:25 UTC 2011

Em Sexta-feira 03 Junho 2011, às 16:42:37, mki-glusterfs at mozone.net escreveu:
> Hi
> How does one go about expanding a volume that consists of a distribute
> -replicate set of machines in 3.0.6?  The setup consists of 4 pairs
> of machines, with 3 bricks per machine.  I need to add an additional 5
> pair of machines (15 bricks) to the volume, but I don't understand
> what's required per se.  There are currently 4 client machines mounting
> the volume using the ip.of.first.backend:/volume syntax in fstab where
> the first backend server provides the general volume to the clients.
> Looking at some of the past mailing list chatter, it seems
> scale-n-defrag.sh is what I need, but it's unclear as to how to go about
> this without distruption to services on the other clients.  If I bring up
> a new client server, copy the vol file and mount that vol using that
> volfile temporarily to run the defrag, do I have to make all the existing
> clients also mount that exact same vol file while this is running?  Or can
> they keep running on their old volfile for the duration of the defrag? 
> The last time I tried modifying the vol file by even 1 byte, on the
> backend that was serving it up, the clients refused to mount it, so not
> sure how that's supposed to work in this case?
> Can someone please shed some light into what the correct process to go
> about this is?
> Thanks much.
> Mohan

Hi Mohan.

is upgrading to newer versions an option for you?
If yes, then i would look into it *before* trying scale-n-defrag.sh. 
Operations like this got much easier from 3.1 and onwards.

Good luck.

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