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Dan Bretherton d.a.bretherton at reading.ac.uk
Mon Jul 18 01:05:07 UTC 2011

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> Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 15:54:19 -0700
> From: Vikas Gorur<vikas at gluster.com>
> Subject: [Gluster-users] GFID mismatches and tools to fix them
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> Hi everyone,
> As some of you may know, the presence of files/directories which have
> different GFID's on different backends can cause the GlusterFS client to
> throw up errors, or even hang. Among others, we've had users of Enomaly
> affected by this issue.
> A little background on GFIDs:
> Each file/directory on a Gluster volume has a unique 128-bit number
> associated with it called the GFID. This is true regardless of Gluster
> configuration (distribute or distribute/replicate). One inode, one GFID.
> The GFID is stored on the backend as the value of the extended attribute
> "trusted.gfid". Under normal circumstances, the value of this attribute is
> the same on all the backend bricks. However, certain conditions can cause
> the value on one or more of the bricks to differ from that on the other
> bricks. This causes the GlusterFS client to become confused and throw up
> errors. This applies to both the 3.1.5 and 3.2.1 versions of the filesystem,
> and previous versions in those series.
> In a future bugfix release GlusterFS will fix this issue automatically when
> it detects it. Until then, if you encounter this problem, please use the
> following set of tools to manually fix it on the backends:
> https://github.com/vikasgorur/gfid
> The repository contains the tools as well as a README that explains how to
> use them.
> Your questions and comments are welcome.
Dear Vikas-
Thanks for provding these tools.  Unfortunately I think I have found a 
problem with the procedure outlined in the README - I don't think it 
works for files with names containing the colon character.  I still have 
a lot of gfid errors in my logs after running the gfid tools on one 
volume, and all the filenames have one or more ':' characters.  There 
are 1677 files still affected with "gfid different" so I don't think it 
can be a coincidence.


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