[Gluster-users] bash exit code when mount command failed

Darren Austin darren-lists at widgit.com
Mon Jul 11 12:09:39 UTC 2011

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> Hy, when a mount command fail (for some reason, server unavailable,
> volume not exists....) the system don't show any error message.
> # mount -t glusterfs serveroff:/notexistvolume /mnt (the server not
> exist and the volume not exist !)
> # echo $?
> when I digit "echo $?" I'm expect that the command return NOT 0
> (zero). I want using mount command in an external script bash and test
> if the mount command are executed correctly.

I had noticed the same thing, and intended to post a note about it too :)

The way I worked around this issue is to use the "mountpoint" command directly after the mount.

mount -t glusterfs server:volume /mnt
mountpoint /mnt
echo $?

... will do what you want :)


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