[Gluster-users] Use of reserved ports

gluster1206 at akxnet.de gluster1206 at akxnet.de
Sat Jul 9 07:20:16 UTC 2011


Just wondering why IMAP-SSL on my second server is not running, I found
port 993 blocked by gluster, luckily by a volume used only by a few
applications and especially not by imap.

I stopped the applications, unmounted the volume, started courier-imap
and remounted the gluster volume.

Nevertheless, in my eyes, the use of common known ports (like imaps,
pop3s, ...) is a no-go.

As gluster is required for most services, I also cannot start these
services in front of gluster (ensuring that they get their ports).

How can I prevent gluster from accessing these ports?


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