[Gluster-users] Write performance on XenServer guest

Stefano Baronio stefano.baronio at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 08:44:59 UTC 2011

    I have recently set up gluster-3.1.2 as NFS Virtual Disk Storage for
I have ran a windows vm on it and tested the disk performance:
Read: 100MB/s
Write: 10MB/s

While with standard NFS, on the same servers, we can achieve:
Read: 115MB/s
Write: 100MB/s

We have two servers with local scsi disks with gluster configured in
replicate mode.
Volume Options:

performance.cache-size 1GB

write-behind-window-size 512MB

performance.stat-prefech 1

Is there any specific option for this configuration? And, is it normal such
a poor write performance?

Thank you
Stefano Baronio

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