[Gluster-users] Outages serverl times a day

Jürgen Winkler juergen.winkler at xidras.com
Wed Jan 19 15:06:00 UTC 2011

Hi Peoples,

i hope any one can help me to solve the Problem we are facing here.

We have 7 clients connected two Servers (distributed and replicated) ,
the File system is EXT3.

The used Glusterfs Version is 3.0.7

On the Servers is one Raid5 Lun mounted on the Folder X, in that folder
are 5 Sub-folders witch are exported to the clients.

3 clients are connected to Sub-folder A, 1 is connected to the
Sub-folder B, 1 to C and so on.

Each of the Clients is running a webserver , and several times a day all
of the Client are having load peaks and stop Serving content for about 3
- 7 minutes.

also on the Servers there is a smaller load peak at the same time.

On the 2 Servers are more raidluns and glusterfs exports witch do not
have these problems .

Thx in advance

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