[Gluster-users] 3.1.2 feedback

Mike Hanby mhanby at uab.edu
Fri Jan 21 16:01:04 UTC 2011

I upgraded my two servers and clients yesterday (CentOS 5.5 all around) and didn't have any problems. Simple yum update glusterfs-core glusterfs-fuse from my local repo.

Perhaps this is a new bug, if so let me know and I'll open it: Although secondary groups now work with NFS mounts, they do not work with glusterfs client mounts:

$ ls -ld /glusterfs/project/
drwxrwx--- 19 root wheel 73728 Dec 17 08:23 /glusterfs/project/

$ groups
joeshmo wheel

$ ls -l /glusterfs/project/
ls: /glusterfs/project/: Operation not permitted

If I umount the /glusterfs and remount it using NFS the secondary groups work.

I have verified the secondary groups with Gluster native client issue on both servers and the remote clients.

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Haven't heard much feedback about installing glusterfs 3.1.2.

Actually, I meant 'upgrading to' 3.1.2.

Specifically 3.1.1 -> 3.1.2


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