[Gluster-users] 4 node replica 2 crash

rickytato rickytato rickytato at r2consulting.it
Tue Jan 11 02:24:45 UTC 2011

I'm using for about 4 weeks a simple 2 node replica 2 cluster; I'm
using glusterfs 3.1.1 built on Dec  9 2010 15:41:32 Repository revision:
v3.1.1 .
I use it to provide images trought Nginx.
All works well.

Today i've added 2 new brick, and rebalance volume. For about 4 hours work,
after the Nginx hang; i've rebooted all server but nothings to do.

When I removed two brick all returns ok (I've manually copied file from
"old" brick to the original).

What's wrong?

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