[Gluster-users] Tar: file changed as we read it

Max Ivanov ivanov.maxim at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 22:10:41 UTC 2011

Hi everybody!
I am doing some glusterFS tests and found strange behaviour: tar
constantly reports "file changed as we read it" on lots of files (but
not all), details are following.

How to reproduce.
1. Setup 2 nodes replication mode cluster following official 3.1 docs.
glusterFS version is 3.1.1
2. sync time with ntpdate on both servers
3. mount volume over NFS
4. run "ls -laR /mount/point" to be sure that things are syncrhonized
5. tar cf /dev/null /mount/point
6. check console!

If I do same on FUSE mount then everything goes fine.
Not sure, but it seems that thoose warnings came more rare if NFS
client is on 3rd host, not on any gluster server.

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