[Gluster-users] iSCSI or FC

Thomas Wakefield twake at cola.iges.org
Mon Feb 28 14:48:37 UTC 2011

For back end storage when not using direct attached JBODS, what does Gluster prefer, iSCSI or FC.

Looking at 2 different setups:

1.  Hitachi AMS 2300 with 8Gb/s FC (8 ports)


2.  Dell Equallogic boxes with 10Gb/s iSCSI  (unknown number of ports, at least 6 i think)

Either setup would be connected to 2-3 Linux gluster servers, pushing the filesystem out over our existing DDR infiniband network.  Filesystem would be 200TB+.  


Thanks in advance.

Systems Administrator COLA/IGES

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