[Gluster-users] GlusterFS over a wide area

Jonathan Barber jonathan.barber at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 10:01:13 UTC 2011

(Apologies if this appears as a dupe, but I'm resending this as I
first sent it before I'd subscribed to the mailing list, and I'm not
sure whether it made it through moderation)

Hi, I'm looking at using GlusterFS to replicate a filesystem between
two sites about ~300km apart. The filesystem is expected to have
relatively few files (a couple of thousand) of small size (under a few
hundred kilobytes each) and IO will be mainly reads, although writes
can occur on both sites. I'm currently measuring latency between sites
at ~7ms.

I've run some tests in a LAN environment, and GlusterFS 3.1.2-1 works
as advertised. But it'd be nice to know if anyone is running GlusterFS
over a wider area and if there is any advice with regard to

I see from this thread from May 2010:

that WAN performance might be poor due to the fact that the clients
check whether a file is up-to-date before performing reads, is this
still the case?

Thanks in advance.
Jonathan Barber <jonathan.barber at gmail.com>

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