[Gluster-users] Changing the port of the bricks?

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Fri Feb 25 04:16:20 UTC 2011

Hi Hartmut,

Answers Inline.

> I have a problem with the used port.

Currently, there is no option to change the port through options, hence you
need to change the code.

> I have to say usually it works fine, but now our developers told me, that
> glusterfs is
> blocking a port, that our software is using (tcp 24000-240xx).
> So now I'm looking for a solution, but I only found (documentation,
> mailinglist, google...)
> the description to change the inter communication ports (server, client),
> but not for the
> bricks. When I chaneg every listen and remote port to - lets say - 35000, I
> see the
> connections of the peers talking at 3500x. But when I mount the volume, it
> still uses 2400x.
> I found the following in the log files, so it seems to be in this:
> [2011-02-24 16:15:41.556636] I [glusterd-pmap.c:237:pmap_registry_bind]
> pmap: adding brick
> /scratch on port 24009
> This is mostly because you had started volume before changing all the port
information, and 'glusterd' will remember this. Hence every time you restart
the volume, the same port gets assigned to it.  One of the option is to
delete the volume and create it with the same command (which was used

> When looking for pmap_registry_bind I found the glusterd-pmap.c, with a
> call to
> line 81:   pmap->base_port = GF_DEFAULT_BASE_PORT + 2;
> So is there a possibility to redefine this GF_DEFAULT_BASE_PORT?
Yes, you can change this in code, and re-compile to get it working.

libglusterfs/src/globals.h:23:#define GF_DEFAULT_BASE_PORT 24007


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