[Gluster-users] Changing the port of the bricks?

"Hartmut Wöhrle" hartmut at hartmut-woehrle.ch
Thu Feb 24 15:31:19 UTC 2011

Hello Glusterfs Users

I have a problem with the used port.
I have to say usually it works fine, but now our developers told me, that glusterfs is
blocking a port, that our software is using (tcp 24000-240xx).
So now I'm looking for a solution, but I only found (documentation, mailinglist, google...)
the description to change the inter communication ports (server, client), but not for the
bricks. When I chaneg every listen and remote port to - lets say - 35000, I see the
connections of the peers talking at 3500x. But when I mount the volume, it still uses 2400x.
I found the following in the log files, so it seems to be in this:

[2011-02-24 16:15:41.556636] I [glusterd-pmap.c:237:pmap_registry_bind] pmap: adding brick
/scratch on port 24009

When looking for pmap_registry_bind I found the glusterd-pmap.c, with a call to
line 81:   pmap->base_port = GF_DEFAULT_BASE_PORT + 2;

So is there a possibility to redefine this GF_DEFAULT_BASE_PORT?



 Hartmut Woehrle


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