[Gluster-users] Does anyone see inaccessible files under NFS client for the distributed volumes?

Luis lec at luiscerezo.org
Thu Feb 24 00:48:44 UTC 2011

What type of bond?

Joe Landman <landman at scalableinformatics.com> wrote:

>I just opened a bug on this, #2459.  I can reproduce it effectively at 
>will now.  This is over a channel bond into a Nortel switch (not sure 
>which model)
>Basic volume:
>gluster volume info fusion
>Volume Name: fusion
>Type: Distribute
>Status: Started
>Number of Bricks: 6
>Transport-type: tcp
>Brick1: dv4-1:/data/brick-md1/fusion
>Brick2: dv4-2:/data/brick-md1/fusion
>Brick3: dv4-3:/data/brick-md1/fusion
>Brick4: dv4-1:/data/brick-md2/fusion
>Brick5: dv4-2:/data/brick-md2/fusion
>Brick6: dv4-3:/data/brick-md2/fusion
>Options Reconfigured:
>performance.cache-refresh-timeout: 0
>performance.stat-prefetch: 0
>auth.allow: *
>NFS mounts use noac, so there should be no attribute caching.
>doing an
>	cat /x/y/z/*
>	cat: /x/y/z/a: Input/output error
>	cat: /x/y/z/b: Input/output error
>	cat: /x/y/z/c: Input/output error
>	cat: /x/y/z/d: Input/output error
>I have a partial work around, but this one is troublesome.  Anyone 
>experience anything like this?  If so, please contact me offline so we 
>can compare notes.
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