[Gluster-users] Fwd: files not syncing up with glusterfs 3.1.2

paul simpson paul at realisestudio.com
Mon Feb 21 19:43:11 UTC 2011

hi joe,

it's very reassuring to read your post.  answers in-line.

> I do believe it is a serious and stable system.  We are running into
> specific bugs.  I'm ok with workarounds, but I really want to find a way to
> cause the problems.

same with both.  right now i'm putting more of my production tree back onto
an NFS server.  i think this is quite a reproducible bug: just check out a
subversion repo onto a distributed replicated volume - alter some files,
check them back in and repeat a few times.  within <20 mins we've been
getting input/output errors and stale NFS handles.  this is with both
NFS/fuse clients on multiple clients.

No one really questions other parallel FS, and from some of our experiences
> with them, they have far worse issues.  Even with the issues, Gluster is one
> of the best on the market.
> Gluster is evolving, but the issue is, without the replicator, all we can
> do is say "we are experiencing an issue" and hope it can be tracked.

i hear you - and very much understand the value of reproducible bug reports
:)  i hope above example helps.  i've already sent a detailed report to the
gluster people last week.  i'd be happy to give them a ssh account to see it
first hand.  i want to help/contribute...

> i'd really like to hear from any official gluster people out there -
>> right now the silence is deafening.  is this issue know? is it viewed a
> I don't know if you have a support contract with them.  If you do, you
> should be speaking with them directly.  If not, their paying customers come
> first.

i have chatted with them - and certainly would expect that to service paying
customers (which we are not yet).  i've had couple of chats - and they seem
like a very cool helpful switched on bunch...

again, thanks for responding.  good to know i'm not alone..


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