[Gluster-users] Best practice when having several physical disks per server

Alexander Sandström Krantz alexander at sandstromkrantz.se
Sat Feb 5 21:35:15 UTC 2011

I've been browsing the mailing list archive but haven't really managed
to find any good answer to my below question, which I find a bit
strange as my situation must be very common. So apologies if there is
an answer to be found somewhere already.

I'm thinking about using Gluster for scalability and redundancy
purposes in a configuration involving several servers, with several
physical disks in each server. I've been playing around with the
Gluster Storage Platform, and I understand that each disk ends up as a
separate server. I.e. if I have 2 servers, with 2 disks each, I will
see 4 "servers" in the server manager. This makes me a bit worried
that the replication might actually end up putting the two file copies
on the same server. Especially as it is possible to set up a volume,
in mirror mode, selecting two "servers" which are actually just two
different disks on the same physical server.

How do I ensure that file replication is server aware, i.e. that it
never puts the two file copies on the same server? Is that even
possible to do with the Gluster Storage Platform?


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