[Gluster-users] Failure migration/recovery question

Andrew Séguin aseguo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 13:01:02 UTC 2011


I use only a replicated setup (two server), so it might be slightly
different, but I've done something similar recently.

I rebuilt the server with the same hostname / IP as the previous system and

1. peer probe <server that is up>   #  (get trusted by others)
2. volume sync <server that is up>    # (get the volume configuration)
3. ls -laR /gluster-mount-point    # On a client with the volume mounted,
watch /var/log/gluster/<mount-path>.log

You could try (if you have not reused the same hostname / IP):

1. peer probe <server that is up>
2. volume sync <server that is up>
3. volume remove-brick <volume> <brick which is missing>
4. volume add-brick <volume> <brick which is replacing>
5. volume rebalance <volume> start  OR/AND  maybe ls -laR just in case...

I don't think you could use 'replace-brick' if the brick you are removing is
already down.

As stated at the beginning, I only run a two-node replicated set up but I
hope this helps!


On Feb 2, 2011 5:16 PM, "Graeme Davis" <graeme at graeme.org> wrote:

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