[Gluster-users] Replace brick was crashed

Thai. Ngo Bao thainb at vng.com.vn
Tue Aug 30 04:05:48 UTC 2011


I was running a replace brick process in our cluster of 80TBs since last Friday. The process was running well and expected to finish in 6-7 days due to migration of lots of data. I, however, found that the replace brick process was crashed today. In addition, I issued the command to check the status of the process and it reported me that the migration was complete. Please have a look at the attachment for further info. 

I have tried to restart the process but did not have any success so far since a record of the status of this process was added in /etc/glusterd/vols/myvolume/info. 

Also, I found that the status of new brick, running the process, was "Peer Reject" in our cluster. I did try to peer detach and probe this brick again but always failed. 

Any thought? How can I restart the process?

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