[Gluster-users] Gluster scalability ?

Etienne Lyard Etienne.Lyard at unige.ch
Thu Aug 25 09:46:57 UTC 2011

Hi all,

we have a small gluster setup currently running on two nodes, with 2x2TB 
disks each, serving a distributed-replica volume.
We are planning to deploy this setup over more nodes, 10 to start with, 
possibly 20 to 50 in the future.

We are already noticing a significant amount of IO operations across the 
two nodes when writting data to the filesystem, thus we were wondering: 
Will the computational overhead induce by Gluster remain more or less 
constant when adding more nodes, or is this overhead increasing with the 
number of nodes that form a volume ?

I understand that under specific conditions, a client will query all 
nodes in order to find the actual location of a specific file: this 
sounds like it could become a problem if the number of nodes becomes large.

Thanks for your insights,



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