[Gluster-users] Adding/Removing bricks/changing replica value of a replicated volume (Gluster 3.2.1, OpenSuse 11.3/11.4)

gluster1206 at akxnet.de gluster1206 at akxnet.de
Sat Aug 27 10:51:05 UTC 2011

Am 24.08.2011 12:41, schrieb Amar Tumballi:
> As of now, there is no option to increase the replica count of a given
> volume. We are working on this (bug 3305), and this feature will come
> only in release-3.3.0

Then, how can I replace a brick?

I now created the first volumes with replica 3. I have to primary
servers and a backup server. When I exchange a primary server (new
hardware, ...), I could switch the brick from the backup server to the
new primary server (during installation) and later on the brick from the
old primary server leaving the cluster back to the backup server.

But Gluster requires that the number of bricks equals the replica value.
So I cannot remove a single brick and add another one.

Any hints on that?

Otherwise it is a pain to replace a server....

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