[Gluster-users] cluster.min-free-disk separate for each brick

Deyan Chepishev - SuperHosting.BG dchepishev at superhosting.bg
Sun Aug 14 20:24:46 UTC 2011


I have a gluster set up with very different brick sizes.

brick1: 9T
brick2: 9T
brick3: 37T

with this configuration if I set the parameter cluster.min-free-disk to 10% it 
applies to all bricks which is quite uncomfortable with these brick sizes, 
because 10% for the small bricks are ~ 1T but for the big brick it is ~3.7T and 
what happens at the end is that if all brick go to 90% usage and I continue 
writing, the small ones eventually fill up to 100% while the big one has enough 
free space.

My question is, is there a way to set cluster.min-free-disk per brick instead 
setting it for the entire volume or any other way to work around this problem ?

Thank you in advance


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