[Gluster-users] High memory usage GlusterFS

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Tue Aug 9 13:30:37 UTC 2011

Did you do 'gluster volume set' or multiple add-brick operations on the

Also, you can do 'kill -USR1 <PID>' to get details on what would be
consuming memory (check /tmp/glusterdump.<PID> after kill).

Again, please share the information on which version of glusterfs you are
using, that helps to see if we had any known leaks in that particular


> Memory consumpsion on server 1:
> 29256 glusterfs --volume-name=vmail /kit/vmail1
> 52968 glusterfs --volume-name=global /kit/global
> 166860 /usr/sbin/glusterfsd -p /var/run/glusterfsd.pid -f
> /etc/glusterfs/glusterfsd.vol --log-file /var/log/glusterfs/glusterfsd.**
> vol.log
> 2101844 glusterfs --volume-name=data /kit/data1
> Memory consumpsion on server 2:
> 132784 glusterfs --volume-name=global /kit/global
> 196996 /usr/sbin/glusterfsd -p /var/run/glusterfsd.pid -f
> /etc/glusterfs/glusterfsd.vol --log-file /var/log/glusterfs/glusterfsd.**
> vol.log
> 557648 glusterfs --volume-name=vmail /kit/vmail1
> 1586040 glusterfs --volume-name=data /kit/data1
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