[Gluster-users] Hardware advice?

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Sep 27 20:23:56 UTC 2010

> Now we have to see what kind of price we can get here in sweden, as I 
> guess there will be a hefty shipping cost if ordering things from US 
> and the PSU will not be the right one for us.

PSU's are almost exclusively 110/220/240/250V (ie anything) these days.  
Check with the supplier, but I doubt it's an issue and will be the same 
part wherever you buy from.  Warranty is a slight issue, but far less 
than you might imagine (you are always at the mercy of the muppets who 
run the shop you buy from, wherever you buy...)

Shipping worldwide is pretty inexpensive these days.  I regularly ship 
30KG parcels from the UK to places such as the US or Singapore.  Prices 
around the £80-£140 mark are normal for say Fedex on a 1-2 day express 
shipment.  Likely if you choose a slower carrier you can pull that down 
a lot further.  If you do your own freight forwarding then things will 
be even cheaper (but it's a pain in the arse clearing customs yourself, 
etc - up to you how much you want to economise)

My feeling is that it's not a problem where you shop....

That said I have no idea who these US folks are, so my point is as much 
that you should buy from my UK guy as you should buy from the US...  
Someone helpful to help spec the kit is very helpful though.

So far I'm really impressed with Supermicro (and Intel actually) 
prices.  I'm buying 2x machines with quadcore L3426 (low power), 16GB 
ram, 6TB raid drives, quad gigabit, in a 1U chassis and they are coming 
in a little over £1,400 each.  Someone is bound to tell me I'm being 
robbed, but that seems very good to me (and I could have saved some cash 
if I went for a lowerspec mainboard or chassis even...)

Good luck

Ed W

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