[Gluster-users] Hardware advice?

Janne Aho janne at citynetwork.se
Mon Sep 27 08:06:18 UTC 2010

On 24/09/10 21:44, phil cryer wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 8:30 AM, Janne Aho<janne at citynetwork.se>  wrote:

Hi and thanks for all your replies and I'm sorry that I hijacked the 
"linux raid0 vs gluster raid0" thread.

>> We are looking into setting up a glusterfs cluster to store VM images (for
>> KVM and VMware). Usually we have machines from Dell, but we haven't found
>> any good machine to use which allows a good amount of disk space and
>> possibility to have at least 4 NICs (we are thinking about using 10 gigabit
>> network, otherwise we need to bond and use more NICs).
>> Sure we could buy just off the shelf stuff to keep the cost down, but we are
>> looking for having a good hardware support (to be sure if something breaks
>> down, that we will get spare parts).
>> Does anyone here have suggestion on hardware that can do the following:
>> 1. having iDrac or similar (remote access to console)
>> 2. at least 4 NICs which can be 10 gigabit (this for redundancy).
>> 3. have an architecture which is supported by gluster (with other words no
>> mc68k).
>> 4. having space enough for a good amount of disks or jbod that can be
>> connected to the machine (please no suggestion on Promise jbods).
>> 5. It has to be rack mounted
> We currently have six servers setup like this in our Gluster cluster:
> http://philcryer.com/wiki/doku.php?id=building_steam_from_a_grain_of_salt_-_redux
> We have more details if you need them, so far, so good is our experience!

Thanks, this was a great suggestion on hardware (and the best this far, 
including suggestions I got at the listrefs maillist, when we looked for 
using lustrefs).

Now we have to see what kind of price we can get here in sweden, as I 
guess there will be a hefty shipping cost if ordering things from US and 
the PSU will not be the right one for us.

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