[Gluster-users] Export a GlusterFS mountpoint as a remote brick

Bernard Li bernard at vanhpc.org
Wed Sep 22 19:52:42 UTC 2010

Hi all:

I currently have 5 servers in a cluster/afr configuration and I have
mounted that volume on another server.  What I want to do is setup
that mountpoint as a remote brick so that another server in a remote
location (over WAN) can mount it.

When I try to do this, I get the following error on the re-exported glusterfsd:

[2010-09-22 12:22:50] E [posix.c:485:posix_lookup] posix: lstat on /
failed: Stale NFS file handle

Am I trying to do something unsupported?  I'm running GlusterFS 3.0.5.
 Not sure if it is related to this bug report or not:


I guess another way to go is to serve it out via NFS, but
unfortunately the server is already running as a NFS server and
disabling it is not an option.



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