[Gluster-users] Change First Server and Upgrade Procedure Help

Bala.JA bala at gluster.com
Tue Sep 21 09:12:56 UTC 2010

Hi Michael,

Please check my in-line reply.

> I'm newbie with Gluster, and have built a test system with 5 node 
> Gluster Storage Platform (GSP 3.0.5), and I have two questions that I 
> couldn't find in FAQ Page:
> 1./ Is there a procedure to change the "Fisrt Node" to another Server 
> (For example, we just purchased a new stronger server and want it to 
> become and take over the First Node, so how do I do it?)

Gluster Platform 3.0.5 doesn't have an option to switch first node.  However 
upcoming version 3.1 has Distributed Management Console which allows admin to 
manage the cluster through any available node.

> 2./ Is there a procedure to upgrade system when have a new version 
> release (I see GSP seems base on Fedora Core 11, so I wondering about 
> easy method to upgrade system).

This is done through Gluster Subscription Network.  Please check it GSN update 
tab in the management console UI.



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