[Gluster-users] Doubts about Gluster skills

Henrique Haas henrique at dz6web.com
Thu Sep 9 14:08:57 UTC 2010

Hello People,

I am study alternatives to set up a cluster FS.
I don't know if GlusterFS can fits my need.. maybe you can help me answering
a quick question.

We have a 3 nodes connected over Gigabit Ethernet. Each node have a 800GB
SATA Disk. The Linux distribution I am using is Ubuntu Server 10.04.
My question is: can I setup these three nodes in a replicated distributed
way? I mean, I need data available to three nodes, using replication for
backup purposes, and, at same time, increasing the disk space use. This way,
I have 2.4 TB, summing the three disks spaces.. with replication, I might
divide it by 2, giving me a 1.2 TB of available space.
Is this config possible with GlusterFS?

Many thanks in advance

Regards from Brazil!

Henrique Haas

Henrique Haas
+55 (51) 3028.6602

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