[Gluster-users] Self Healing using ls -alR vs find

C. William william_c at megaassist.com
Wed Oct 27 06:17:38 UTC 2010


I am testing AFR in Gluster Storage Platform 3.0.5. I noticed the
recommended way to do self heal is by execting "ls -alR" (
I did this but it seems that not all files are synced. I then used another
command "find /mnt -type f -exec head -c 1 {} \; > /dev/null"  (/mnt is the
gluster mount point) and looks like files are synced now. The test I am
doing is relatively small scale with several hundred files and less than 1GB
in total.

"ls -alR" is taking much less time than "find /mnt/ -type f -exec head -c 1
{} \; > /dev/null" and should be the best way for self-healing, if it work.
My question is, is it a known bug that is fixed in newer version like 3.1.0?
or am I doing something wrong?

C. William

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