[Gluster-users] Using glusterd for changing number of replicas

Yuriy yuriy at ucoz.com
Mon Oct 25 09:37:21 UTC 2010


I'd like to know, how I can increase number of replicas in replicated volume using glusterd, on the fly. I haven't managed to do this using existing commands. For example:
- there is replicated volume with 2 nodes and i need to add 3rd replica
- or there is one-node volume and i need to make it replicated by adding one or two more nodes
- or more complex - there is replicated-distributed volume 2x2 and i need to increase replication level to 3x2.
Present commands allow to increase distribution level, but not replication.
All this can be achieved by manual editing of vol-files, so there is another question: can i edit glusterd's vol-files and somehow make it see this? What should i do if i don't need some translator (e.g. io-cache) which glusterd adds automatically to client's vol-file or i need to change options of some translator or use another translator (e.g. unify)? How can i disable unnecessary nfs-server?

I want to try to use mysql with myisam tables on top of replicated glusterfs with access from two servers. 
i know what setup mysql must have (external locking, disabled query cache and delayed key write), can you advise what setup glusterfs should have to avoid DB inconsistencies?

Thank you very much. Sorry for the mess in my text :)

P.S. Your project is great, but documentation is really awful :( , it contradicts to itself and confuses by mixture of different versions. Some common system setups are described for version prior to 2.0 (like when client prefers to read from his own server in replicated configuration ), but nothing about them for latest version. Just stated "it's deprecated" and no direction how it can be achieved in latest version. unify translator is stated to be deprecated but not directions how some of its handy features can be achieved without it and so on.

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