[Gluster-users] Cannot create volume

Rick King gluster at king7.com
Sat Oct 23 09:50:58 UTC 2010

Hello All, (my apologies for the long winded message)

I am new to the Gluster software, but very intrigued by it's potential, so I've decided to dive into Glustering!

I've been following documentation at http://www.gluster.com/community/documentation/index.php/Gluster_3.1_Filesystem_Administration_Guide, and I am currently stuck at the "Configuring Distributed Replicated Volumes" phase. 

To quickly recap what I've done:

1) Installed glusterfs-core/rdma/fuse-3.1.0-1, e.g. rpmbuild -bb glusterfs.spec

2) Loaded fuse module, e.g.  modprobe -v fuse

3) Started glusterd, e.g. /etc/init.d/glusterd start

4) Created Trusted Storage Pools, e.g. gluster peer probe hostnameA; gluster peer probe hostnameB; gluster peer hostnameC

5) Configuring Distributed Replicated Volumes, e.g. gluster volume create replicate-volume replica 2 transport tcp hostnameA:/export/ hostnameB:/export hostnameC:/export

When I run the gluster volume create command, I get this error, "Creation of volume replicate-volume has been unsuccessful". Looking in one of the logs, I see this line is generated:

"[2010-10-23 02:56:53.588274] E [glusterd3_1-mops.c:1370:glusterd_handle_rpc_msg] : Unable to set cli op: 16"

6) Currently running CentOS release 5.5 on 3 VMWare machines from one host. Not using hardware Raid, just basic install of the OS. 


1) Is there a debug option I can use to see why the command is failing?

2) Do you see anything wrong with the order of the commands I have executed?

3) The only edit I've made was to /etc/glusterfs/glusterd.vol, to change the transport-type to use "tcp", was this ok, or should I revert back to "socket,rdma"?

volume management
    type mgmt/glusterd
    option working-directory /etc/glusterd
    option transport-type tcp
    option transport.socket.keepalive-time 10
    option transport.socket.keepalive-interval 2

Any advice or corrections would be greatly appreciated!

My best to you, 

Rick King 
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