[Gluster-users] Question about Volume Type when bricks are on SAN

Patrick Irvine pirv at cybersites.ca
Fri Oct 22 19:47:54 UTC 2010

Hi mike

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>One final question, is there were a way in Gluster to have a Distributed
>with failover, where if server2 dies, server1 can mount server2's LUN, once
>server2 was back online, server1 could be told to stop hosting the brick
>and return it to server2.

In gluster (bye it's self) ... no,  but through corosync/pacemaker yes.

I am currently doing just that but with ISCSI.  
In my case:

	2 Gluster servers A & B
	5 Gluster clients 1 to 5

A and B each attach individual ISCSI targets, mount them and then server
them with gluster

The clients 1 to 5 then mount a replicated gluster share made from servers A
& B

If A should go down, then B will attach to the ISCSI target A was using and
then re-server it for the clients.  When A comes backup up, B stops
servering A's resources and disconnects from A's ISCSI target so A can bring
it all back online as normal.

As a note I am using corosync/pacemaker to control starting, stopping and
moving of the required resource.

I hope this helps


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